Testimonial: Nicole N.

Test Noll, Nicole L (20090309144320263) 20100722132158640"I am so ecstatic about the results of my rhinoplasty, my only regret is that I waited so long to have it done. I work in the cosmetic industry and have thought about having a rhinoplasty since I can remember but was always nervous about the outcome. The last thing I wanted was to look “done” or have my looks changed so drastically that I didn’t look like me. I always hated having my picture taken because the only thing I ever noticed was my nose, no matter if it was taken from the front or a side profile. Now I love to take pictures and feel so much more confident. My nose now fits my face and my personality!

During my first appointment, I was greeted by Ruth at the front desk who was so friendly and warm that I immediately felt comfortable. Debbie, Mira, and Wendy were amazing during my consultations and were able to answer every question I had, and offered details about what to expect during the procedure and recovery. Dr. Rubinstein has such a calm demeanor and immediately put my concerns at ease. He showed me countless before and after photos and the results were amazing. I explained to him what I disliked about my nose and he did a computer imaging to show me what he could do and what he thought would look natural. To my surprise, my final result is exactly what he had on the initial computer imaging. Dr. Rubinstein is a true artist and an amazing surgeon! I can honestly say that my results have exceeded all of my expectations.

The days leading up to the actual surgery, I was very nervous as I had never had surgery before or been under general anesthesia. Dr. Rubinstein greeted me in the surgery center and the next thing I remember was waking up a few hours later. I can honestly say that I was never in pain during my recovery and enjoyed the two days of rest. Once the cast came off a week later, I was able to go back to work with no bruising and minimal swelling. I loved the result when the cast came off but I have loved it more and more each month as it just gets better. I can’t count the number of times people have commented that I look great, or refreshed, or asked if I changed my hair. Once I tell them that I had a rhinoplasty they are genuinely shocked. I would recommend Dr. Rubinstein to any of my friends and family.

Thank you so much Dr. Rubinstein!"




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