Forehead Contouring/Brow Bone Reduction

Have you noticed that your brow line has an overly bony prominence? It may be leading to an undesired shadowing appearance of your eyes and upper cheeks. The bony prominence along your brow line, eyes and frontal sinus can impact how light reflects off of your face. This light pattern can lead to a more tired, aged, masculine or feminine appearance.  Fortunately, your brow line and forehead contour can be changed with the help of Dr. Kuperstock.

Dr. Kuperstock utilizes surgical approaches to best camouflage incisions within your hairline so that they are hidden.  From there, Dr. Kuperstock can shape and reset the bone into a more desirable position that is aligned with your aesthetic goals. In addition, this procedure can be combined with scalp advancement/temporal hairline rounding and brow-lift depending on your aesthetic goals and the custom approach decided upon between you and Dr. Kuperstock.

Procedure time: 1-2 hours

Downtime: 2 weeks




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